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Distilling Knowledge

Practical Courses in Distillation

Make your own Spirits and Aromatic Products

Discover the techniques of hydro, steam and alcohol distillation. Explore the exciting world of botanical distillation and extraction for flavour, health and wellbeing.


Designed to suit anyone who wants to learn how to distil at home or in their business.
Your journey into aromatic distillation starts here.


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Learn how to distill your favourite aromatic plants into hydrosols, and explore their many uses.

Essential Oil

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Make essential oils in your own kitchen and clinic, through the process of steam distillation.


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Produce your own artisan spirits, or make alcohol for tincture and perfumery.

Practical & Easy

Learn with us from home, in The Alembics Lab

Our courses have a ‘hands-on’ ethos of explaining and demonstrating designed for practical home-learning, from beginners to experts. Learn at your own pace, with the equipment you already have, or find out more about which stills suit your needs and start from there.

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Simple Pricing

Pay per course or bundle for a discount

Rather than committing you to an expensive subscription, we use a simple pay-per-course model. We also offer a discount when you buy our three foundation distillation courses as a bundle.

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Jill Mulvaney

Meet our lead instructor

Jill has been consulting and teaching on all aspects of plant distillation and extraction for the last 15 years. She works with many different industries, developing products around aroma and flavour, and fell in love with gin-making when she realised it was exactly like making perfume.

Jill created The Alembics Lab to share her popular NZ-based distillation workshops with a wider audience, and from there it has grown into a learning hub for many colleagues and collaborators.

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Join a community

Extensive resources and forums

Our courses are just the beginning. Our Lab Library holds a wealth of collected knowledge and experience. Visit the Encyclopedia Botanica for in-depth plant profiles. Use the Glossary to learn our language, or peruse The Archive for detailed how-to’s and collected articles from industry experts in aromatherapy, phytochemistry, perfume, and artisan distilling.

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‘A one stop shop for all people interested in the art of distilling, hydrosols and botanics. I cannot recommend Jill and her team highly enough to anyone who needs advice, help, information or products to get them started in this industry.’
—Justine Schroder, Mt Fyffe Distillery, NZ.
‘I’ve always been intrigued by distillation but assumed that you had to have large expensive gear and very specialist knowledge to do it. I’ve learned that you can experiment with many aspects of distilling (and get good results) with small relatively inexpensive equipment.’
—Sue Muggleston.

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