Alembics Gin Immersion Workbook (Printed)


Discover the art and science of gin-making. Created for people who want to know what’s behind this spirit and how to create it themselves. Our Gin Immersion Workbook is the culmination of years of experience exploring the botanicals and processes involved in making the perfect gin. We have brought it all together and put it in one place just for you.

This workbook is a great resource for gin-makers. Both beginners and those who have already taken our popular Gin Immersion Course will find much here to help them develop their perfect blends. It includes a breakdown of the main flavour compounds (VOCs) in juniper and coriander, our gin flavour wheel, and a useful table comparing the ingredients in 8 modern commercial gin recipes.

This 31-page workbook covers:

  • A brief history of the spirit, world-wide and in New Zealand
  • The process; from neutral spirits to final product
  • An in-depth exploration of the botanicals, with detailed profiles of the star ingredients
  • The science behind the flavours, introducing the main VOC’s and how they behave
  • Our own gin flavour wheel
  • The distillation process, and how to pick the best still for you
  •  A break-down of the botanicals in some of the world’s best gins
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for making a London-dry.

All this is interspersed with anecdotes from Jill Mulvaney about her personal experiences, and tips for creating your own gin, tailored to your personal tastes.

Our beautifully designed, and offset-printed workbook, yours to have and hold.

Pages printed on recycled paper.


‘Your workbook is a thing of beauty! And it has everything I needed when I was starting out making my own gin.’

— Anna Devcich (Gisborne, NZ).

‘The Gin Immersion Workbook is a stunning little book on one of my favourite subjects. Thanks Alembics.’

—Cura Co Lab.