Gift Card


This is a digital gift card.

You can opt to send these cards immediately, or you can choose a future date to send out this gift card—e.g. Christmas Day or a birth date.

How to customise your card:

  1. Select one of the images.
  2. Set the amount you wish to gift.
  3. Choose the date you want the card send out via email (either ‘now’, or enter a date in the future).
  4. Add in your name and a personalised message.
  5. Add the card to your cart and complete the checkout process.

On completion of your order the gift card will be sent directly to recipient’s email on the date you’ve selected. If you selected ‘now’ it will be sent straight away. You will be sent a confirmation of your purchase.

Don’t want your gift card sent to the recipient straight away? Be sure to select the delivery date in the future you wish the card to be sent out.

Here is a guide if you wish to purchase a full course for someone:

  • Foundation course $175NZD
  • Bundle Foundation course $450NZD
  • Gin Immersion course: $295NZD

You can also select the gift card image that represents the course you wish to gift.


To use the gift card, enter the coupon code into the field on your cart page. The recipient of the gift card can use it multiple times, until the amount on the coupon code is used up. For example, if one was gifted $50 they could purchase a $25 dollar item twice. If the item a person is purchasing is more than the gift card, they are simply required to pay the excess amount at check out.

Contact us if you would like a physical card.

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