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A beautiful seasonal blend

Here’s our latest seasonal gin blend and cocktail recipe—just in time for Christmas (and summer here in the southern hemisphere). We have been creating special Christmas blends for years and it’s one of our favourite traditions. While there’s always a nod to well-known Christmas flavours (like the bitter orange and cassia in this blend) these gins can be enjoyed any time of the year.

This year’s blend is full of florality, freshness and spice. You can mix it as a classic G&T, or why not try Jill’s beautiful and unexpected rosé cocktail recipe?

The blend: Rose, pink peppercorn and bitter orange gin
(For one litre of neutral spirit)

Juniper (Macedonian) 10g
Juniper (Himalayan) 5g
Coriander 6g
Angelica root 2g
Liquorice root 2g
Cassia 2g
Bitter orange 2g
Nutmeg 1g
Dried rose petals 2g
Pink peppercorns 2g
(Total 34g)

And now for something a little unexpected…

Distillers are always experimenting with different styles of gin—like the recent blends influenced by wines like sauvignon blanc and pinot noir. This cocktail is our take on the subject, and if you think gin and rosé sounds like an unlikely pairing—we assure you, it’s delicious.

This recipe is carefully balanced to make a refreshing, long drink with crisp florality and a pleasing acidity. Not too sweet, not too boozy. Just right for sipping.

The cocktail: The Rose Petal

30ml rose, pink peppercorn and bitter orange gin
70ml rosé wine
200ml grapefruit soda

Place ice in a beaker or jug, measure, mix and strain into a champagne glass. Or you can pour over ice in a long glass and enjoy! The grapefruit soda provides a refreshing break from the sweetness of tonic, and lets the jammy notes of the pink peppercorns sing!

*All our recipes are for distilled gin— also called gin flavouring runs. To learn how to distil your own gin using these recipes (and more) we recommend our Gin Immersion Course. All courses come with automatic membership to our forums, for questions, experiments and further learning.

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