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An early winter gin blend

We love making seasonal gins, because whenever you open up a bottle you’re immediately transported back to that time and place. Early winter is when citrus trees become laden with fruit. If you’re thinning out your lemon crop, (or if you just have an abundance) then try this seasonal treat—the citrus peel is so vibrantly fresh, boosting the green apple notes in our local chamomile, and the fresh basil adds more green in the form of it’s herbaceous sweetness that really makes the blend sparkle.

Green Citrus and Chamomile Gin Recipe (for 2L of neutral spirit @40%ABV)

  • Juniper (Macedonian) 20g
  • Juniper (Himalayan) 10g
  • Coriander 14g
  • Angelica 3g
  • Liquorice 3g
  • Cassia 3g
  • Cardamom 1g
  • Green lemon peel (fresh) 4g
  • Lemon verbena 4g
  • Chamomile 4g
  • Basil (fresh) 4g

Total = 70g (35g/per litre of neutral spirit)

Tasting notes: Fresh sweetness on the nose, with green apple, citrus and floral characters. Subtle spice from the basil and cassia combination, with a well-rounded smooth finish.

All our gin recipes are for vapour-infused or macerated gins. You can learn how to make gin and build your own bespoke blends in our Gin Immersion Course.

—by Jess Culpan

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